Joel A. Montilla is a sole practitioner at The Montilla Law Firm, P.A., serving key clients throughout Florida, the United States, and internationally focusing on strategic planning and risk management.


Joel focuses his practice primarily on strategic planning, asset protection, and estate planning which includes personal representation for key clients’ services ranging from small claims litigation to complex litigation including other areas of law that intertwine with one another for a holistic approach to his practice. He is fully bilingual in English and in Spanish.


Joel received his Bachelor’s in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida in 2008. Joel first joined the Puerto Rican Bar Association in 2015 as a student member and thereafter as a regular member in 2016 before serving as Vice President for the 5th DCA (which encompasses Central Florida and the surrounding areas) between 2018 and 2020.


Joel has served on, and for, numerous non-profit organizations throughout Central Florida including Latino Leadership, Inc., IDEAS For Us, Inc., Diversity Chairman for Ad2 Orlando, and was Co-Founder and Co-Director of One Brick, Orlando. Joel currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Puerto Rican Research Hub at the University of Central Florida.


Joel is a graduate of the Central Florida Political Leadership Institute and is a current member of the Legislative Committee for the Florida Block Chain Association. Joel holds a Florida Real Estate agent license and Florida Health Insurance and Life (including annuities & Variable Contracts).

Contact Information:

The Montilla Law Firm, P.A.
37 N. Orange Ave.t
Orlando, Florida 32801
O: (407) 308 – 2378