The Puerto Rican Bar Association of Florida, Inc. began in 2003 with a small group of enthusiastic and determined attorneys from Miami-Dade and Broward Counties who envisioned a statewide organization that would serve as a voice for the concerns and opinions of, at that time, more than three quarters of a million Puerto Ricans living in the State of Florida. The number of persons of Puerto Rican heritage has since increased statewide totaling over 1 million and is expected to increase even more. Linked by culture, heritage and a common interest in issues affecting the Puerto Rican community, our members created an association that would promote the advancement of Puerto Ricans in the legal profession and further integrate the Puerto Rican community into the professional and civic fabric of Florida.

Among our many objectives is the desire to increase awareness of and promote a stronger commitment to the civil and political rights and responsibilities of Puerto Ricans as U.S. citizens and residents of Florida. We plan to achieve this, in part by partnering with other organizations and by cultivating and maintaining strong and lasting relationships that will open the channels of communication, promote the exchange of ideas and embark in common ventures.

To bring together by association, communication, and organization lawyers who have an interest and commitment to matters affecting the Puerto Rican community; to provide for the exchange among the members of this Corporation such information and ideas related to the practice of law as are calculated to enhance the knowledge and improve the skills of its members; to provide resources and enhance opportunities for the education of future attorneys who demonstrate an interest in matters affecting the Puerto Rican community; to support and work for the improvement of the legal system as it exists in Florida and elsewhere; and to promote improvements in the administration of justice and to increase the quantity and quality of the services and contribution which the legal profession renders to the Puerto Rican community, the State of Florida and the United States of America.”